Amor Model Class not only equips you with the knowledge and experience of a professional working model, but it will also empower you with comprehensive employment skills. Our goal is to offer distinctive areas of learning that will encourage social strength, personal confidence and competitive skills for any business or model interview. We will work on your outer appearance and your inner strength!

Mission Statement

Amor Model Class has a mission to reach students across all walks of life and teach them how to overcome life’s obstacles through learning to embrace and develop their individuality and uniqueness in order to create their own success and happiness.



Amor Model Class is an organization that is committed to making a positive difference in student’s lives. At Amor Model Class our goal is not only to teach the skills to become a professional model, but more importantly assist students in learning good decision making skills and interpersonal tools that can be used throughout life and be a basis for success in any career. Amor Model Class is designed to give students the tools they need to find out who they are and where they want to go in life. Great emphasis is placed on developing self-worth, confidence and satisfaction in oneself. 


our class start from ages 4 - 20 years old ( boy & girl )

Saturday and Sunday  , 2 hours / class + 30 minutes break