Happy, Confident Children

Help your child have the confidence and positive self-esteem they deserve


We have been working with children for many years and are super passionate about their personal growth and development. The most important thing we have learned from our work with children and young teens is that the confidence they gain from our sessions is probably the most invaluable thing we could possibly impart to them. Children come away from their portfolio building days at LMA with big smiles, standing up tall and feeling like they can take on the world - and that really got us thinking about what more we could do to boost young people’s positivity and confidence!

We put our thinking caps on and from these wonderful experiences we have built a training and portfolio session specifically catered towards building self-esteem and confidence in children that will apply to their every walk of life - aspiring model, or not!

We’ve decided to call it,  ‘Confidence For Kids’

While most children, and grown ups too, will have natural dips in their self-esteem as life goes on, it’s important that your child grows up to have a generally positive and confident image of themselves and what they do.

People with a good level of self-esteem are more likely to succeed and have an optimistic outlook on life. They will believe they are deserving of love, will make friends more easily, will be more likely to do well in job interviews and deal with issues in the workplace more effectively, they will be proud of their achievements, and will be more able to learn and adapt to changes in their life.

However, if your child has low-esteem and a lack of confidence in their abilities they are more likely to put themselves down, compare themselves in a negative fashion to their peers, they may find it difficult to make friends, and generally may hold a negative image of themselves saying they are ‘stupid, ugly’ or ‘weak’. They are also more at risk to develop anxiety and depression and other mental issues as they grow up.

So you can see how crucial confidence is!

There are lots of different reasons as to why a young child or teen may feel a lack of self-confidence, ranging from an unsettled home life when they were a baby or toddler, moving schools, changes in the family, bullying, or pressures from peers and society can all have an overwhelming affect on your child. But there are lots of ways you can build your child’s confidence!

‘Confidence With Kids’ is a half day portfolio session specifically geared towards confidence training for children where your child or teen will work with our talented photographer and Model trainer, to learn some really exciting techniques to boost their self-confidence.

The training day is not about making the perfect child model, and the focus will not be on the perfect pout or how to fit the ideal model mold. Instead, they will learn how to love their own unique look, they’ll learn about posture and posing, they will receive coaching on how to present themselves, how to master the basics of making a great first impression.

But most importantly they will get to have fun in a relaxed atmosphere !

You’ll get a portfolio of photographs too so they can remember everything they learned when they look back at the photos. So get in touch with us to find out more!